Build Status A method for annotating principal components with region sets. So far, the package is focused on DNA methylation data but we are planning to expand the scope of the package soon.

PCA of DNA methylation data can be hard to interpret. Our method annotates principal components (PCs) with region sets. A region set is a set of genomic regions that share a biological annotation, for instance transcription factor binding regions, regions with a certain histone modification, or chromatin accessibility regions. PCRSA can identify meaningful sources of variation for each principal component, giving insight into the biological significance of the PC and into the variation among samples.

Installing PCRSA

PCRSA may be installed from Github:


or locally after downloading/cloning the source code:

install.packages(“path/to/PCRSA/directory”, repos=NULL, type=“source”)

Learning How to Use PCRSA

A vignette is included with the package that shows how to use the main PCRSA functions and walks you through an example application (here). An additional vignette that shows how to use PCRSA with a region set database as you normally would in an analysis is (here).