This function can be used to test a GRanges object against any arbitrary list of genome partitions. The partition list is a priority-ordered list of GRanges objects. Each region in the query will be assigned to a given partition that it overlaps with the highest priority.

plotPartitions(assignedPartitions, numbers = FALSE, stacked = FALSE)



A table holding the frequency of assignment to each of the partitions. Produced by calcPartitions


logical indicating whether raw overlaps should be plotted instead of the default percentages


logical indicating that data should be plotted as stacked bar plot


A ggplot object using a barplot to show the distribution of the query regions across a given partition list.


p = calcPartitionsRef(vistaEnhancers, "hg19")
#> Calculating overlaps...
partPlot = plotPartitions(p)
partCounts = plotPartitions(p, numbers=TRUE)
partPlot = plotPartitions(p, stacked=TRUE)